About Us

Meet the experts who care for our healthcare professionals.

Cross Country Staffing currently employs 20 tenured nurses, of which more than half are in key management positions. Our tenured nurses play an essential part of our daily business and can be found in various roles throughout our organization, including:

Hank Drummond Henry 'Hank' Drummond, PhD, MDiv, BA, RN
Chief Clinical Officer
3 years with Cross Country Staffing


Dr. Drummond holds the position of Chief Clinical Officer within the Cross Country organization. His experience includes more than 25 years’ of directly applicable healthcare administration and a broad base of exceptional management expertise. His past leadership roles include executive and director level positions as Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing Administrator and Nurse Executive. He has also served as an University Instructor. Dr. Drummond's proficiency in balancing patient care with business efficiencies provides our clients with the added benefit an innovative approach with cutting edge technology solutions to meet the daily demands of healthcare delivery.

Team Members:

Liz Seaman Liz Seaman, BSN, RN
Senior Vice President Workforce Solutions & Chief Nursing Officer
  • Joined CCS in January 2003
  • Member of the first CCS MSP account team
  • Responsible for Cross Country Staffing's MSP implementations, clinical and account services, on-site services and contract services
Isabel Stanshine Isabel Stanshine, MS, RN
Corporate Director for Standards and Quality Management
  • Joined CCS in 1989
  • Provides oversight of credentialing and compliance standards and processes
  • Responsible for collaborating with healthcare facility clients to develop innovative workforce staffing solutions that produce efficiencies, cost containment and quality patient care
Nancy Stoker Nancy Stoker, BSN, RN
VMS Manager Interview Services
  • First joined CCS in 1988, total tenure 26 years
  • Manages Clinical RN Interview Services for VMS accounts

Clinical Nursing Leadership Team

At Cross Country Staffing (CCS), we take our onboarding process and customer service very seriously. In fact, our reputation is built on the thoroughness and efforts with which we serve our clients, both the hospitals we staff and the healthcare professionals we place. To help ensure that our high standards of service are never compromised, we have developed our Clinical Services Team. Our Clinical Services Team is comprised of three different roles and responsibilities, all of which are performed by experienced RNs. The positions that make up this team are as follows:

Clinical Services Manager: This role has the primary responsibility of managing our Managed Services account(s) operations, including all travel programs and per diem services, as applicable.

Suzanne D. Sova Suzanne D. Sova, BSN, RN
Director, Clinical Projects
  • 10 years of services with CCS (will be 10 yr in April 2017)
  • 5 years of experience as a CCS Travel Nurse
  • Clinical career with 26 years of experience in Critical Care, Nursing Management and Corporate Healthcare

Interview Services Manager: This role manages the ongoing Interview Services processes within a designated territory.

Melinda Cunningham Melinda Cunningham, BSN, RN
Manager of Interview Services
  • 7 years of service with CCS
  • Clinical career with 27 years of experience in Critical Care and Nursing Management
Eileen Colman Eileen Barry, RN
Interview Services Manager
  • 19 years of service with CCS
  • Clinical career with 20 years experience in Obstetrical Nursing and Nursing Management

Clinical Manager: This role provides clinical and professional knowledge to support our travelers and client contacts at our facilities.

Mary Conaway Mary Loomis, BSN, RN, LHRM, LNC
Supervisor of Clinical Managers
  • 28 years of service with CCS
  • Clinical career with 34 years of experience in Medical/Surgical, Telemetry, Emergency Department Hold, and Geriatrics

To learn more about the role our teams play in our staffing services, please call 800.873.9182.