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The people behind our people.

Meet the leadership who continuously work to deliver quality services and solutions to the healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities that we serve.

Vickie Anenberg

President, Cross Country Staffing
25 years with Cross Country Staffing

Ms. Anenberg has served as President of Cross Country Staffing since May 2012 and from August 2002 through December 2005. Prior to joining Cross Country Staffing in 1990, Ms. Anenberg worked within the marketing and sales divisions of Proctor and Gamble, which she joined in 1986 after studying Business Administration at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Ms. Anenberg has more than 27 years of management experience.


Peggy Donelan

Executive Vice President, Allied Division at Cross Country Staffing
13 Years with Cross Country Staffing

Ms. Donelan has over 30 years of clinical, sales and branch management experience. Ms. Donelan oversees travel allied operations including Medical Staffing Network Travel Allied, Cross Country Travcorps' Allied division, and Pharmstaff. She served as Executive Vice President for Medical Staffing Network, Inc. (MSN) and oversaw the Western Division consisting of 40 locations with annual revenue exceeding $87 million. Prior to joining MSN, Ms. Donelan held the position of Area Vice President with Gentiva Health Services in chrge of multi-site locations. She has held multiple roles consisting of clinical management, sales and branch management. She also served as Director of Respiratory Care at Citizens Medical Center, Colby, KS. Ms. Donelan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Health Care Management from Ottawa University and an Associate of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy from Wichita State University.


Laurie DiMarzio

Vice President, Operations and Organizational Development
23 years with Cross Country Staffing

Ms. DiMarzio oversees Operations, the Project Management Office (PMO), Functional Training, and Organizational Development. In managing Organizational Development, she focuses on the General Orientation program, Functional Training, Standards of Excellence (SOE) and Champions of Excellence programs. Prior to joining Cross Country Staffing in 1992, Ms. DiMarzio studied at The Ohio State University receiving a Bachelors of Science degree.


Hank DrummondHenry 'Hank' Drummond, PhD, MDiv, BA, RN

Chief Clinical Officer
3 years with Cross Country Staffing

Mr. Drummond holds the position of Chief Clinical Officer within the Cross Country organization. His experience includes more than 25 years’ of directly applicable healthcare administration and a broad base of exceptional management expertise. His past leadership roles include executive and director level positions as Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing Administrator and Nurse Executive. He has also served as an University Instructor. Mr. Drummond's proficiency in balancing patient care with business efficiencies provides our clients with the added benefit an innovative approach with cutting edge technology solutions to meet the daily demands of healthcare delivery.


Wendi Dusseault

Executive Vice President, Travel Nursing
24 years with Cross Country Staffing

Ms. Dusseault oversees Cross Country Staffing's brands that recruit and place travel RNs, LPNs, Surgical Techs and Dialysis Techs in healthcare facilities across the country. These brands include: Cross Country TravCorps, NovaPro and MedStaff. She also manages the Credentialing and Compliance department, which assures that our travelers are properly credentialed and compliant for every assignment.

Additionally, Ms. Dusseault has been elected to the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organization’s (NATHO) Board of Directors since 2014, serving as the Treasurer since May of 2016. NATHO is a non-profit association of travel healthcare organizations founded in 2008 to promote ethical business practices in the travel healthcare industry, setting the gold standard for conduct that is aligned among member agencies on behalf of travel healthcare candidates and clients.

Prior to joining Cross Country Staffing, Ms. Dusseault worked in sales and management.

Jeffrey M. Iannotti

Vice President, National Accounts
20 years with Cross Country Staffing

Mr. Iannotti directs all aspects of Cross Country Staffing's Workforce Management Solutions including those of Cross Country Staffing's Managed Services program. His role includes providing a high level of customer service relations as well as providing service in support of Cross County Staffing's commitment to quality and integrity. Mr. Iannotti received his Bachelor of Science degree from Stockton State College.


Sylvia Mullarkey

Managing Director, Cross Country Staffing International and MRA Search, Inc.
14 years with Cross Country Staffing

Ms. Mullarkey is responsible for Cross Country Staffing International, which consists of our international recruitment brand, Assignment America, LLC, and our Immigration Department. She is also in charge of MRA Search, Inc., which is our permanent placement brand. Prior to joining Cross Country Staffing, Ms. Mullarkey held senior management roles in healthcare recruitment firms in both in the UK and the U.S. She has extensive previous experience in new business development, product management and customer service delivery within the travel and tourism industry. Ms. Mullarkey holds a Higher Diploma in Arts in Montessori Education from Saint Nicholas Montessori College Ireland, a M.A. in Travel and Tourism Studies from the University of North London, England and a M.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Surrey, England.


Robert Murphy

Division President, Cross Country Healthcare Workforce Solutions
5 years with Cross Country Staffing

Mr. Murphy is responsible for Cross Country Healthcare's Workforce Solutions Division. He oversees all aspects of workforce solutions including sales, operations and strategic development. In Mr. Murphy’s prior role with Cross Country, he served as Executive Vice President of Branch Operations and played an integral part in the successful integration of the company’s most recent acquisitions. Mr. Murphy has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry, including working directly with large hospital systems to develop labor optimization strategies designed to deliver maximum ROI to hospitals throughout the US.


Liz Seaman, BSN, RN

Vice President of Workforce Solutions
Chief Nursing Officer
10 years with Cross Country Staffing

Ms. Seaman, in her role as CNO, works with our corporate nursing team to set standards and develop quality initiatives that improve client satisfaction and patient outcomes. Additionally, Ms. Seaman oversees Cross Country Staffing's corporate university, an ANCC-accredited body, which streamlines the onboarding and orientation process for healthcare facilities. As the Vice President of our Managed Services program, Ms. Seaman oversees implementation, operations and clinical services for healthcare facilities that have partnered with Cross Country Staffing for a comprehensive, workforce staffing solution. She graduated from St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London and University of London, England.


Geoff Staub

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications 
20 years with Cross Country Staffing

Geoff Staub is the Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications for Cross Country Healthcare, which includes marketing and branding strategies for client and candidate acquisition, websites, email marketing, content, digital marketing (SEO/SEM), email marketing, tradeshows, video production, print creative, investor relations and acquisitions. In addition, Geoff oversees the Sales Effectiveness Team which includes the development of presentations, proposal and business reviews. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Theory and Rhetoric from the University of Missouri and a Master of Arts in Media Communications from Webster University.


Rajesh Surve

Vice President, Information Technology
13 years with Cross Country Staffing

Mr. Surve is responsible for the design, development and implementation of organizational information systems, software applications, and IT support systems. He also handles identifying emerging information technologies to be analyzed, assimilated and integrated within the organization. Mr. Surve has more than 18 years of experience in software development and system management. He is an electronic engineer by profession and holds a post-graduate degree in computer science.


Marisa Zaharoff, MSN, RN

Executive Vice President
13 years with Cross Country Staffing

Ms. Zaharoff has more than 15 years of nursing, quality improvement, sales, operational and branch management experience. She is responsible for the oversight of more than 70 national offices and numerous support teams which facilitate growth across the branch operations network. Ms. Zaharoff earned her Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Pittsburgh. She is also a Registered Nurse in the State of Illinois and Pennsylvania.