About Us

Committed to bettering the lives of others.

Day in and day out, the Cross Country family sees what a positive impact our healthcare professionals have on the lives of others. Their devotion and commitment towards making a difference has made a lasting impression on our company. Following in their footsteps, we too have made the choice to give back in some way to our community. Below you'll find just the start of our efforts.

Working to create a perfect world one mission at a time.

Cross Country Staffing takes pride in supporting Project Perfect World in their mission to better the lives of underprivileged children. Every year, we assist in sending a team of esteemed healthcare professionals to take part in medical missions in third world countries. The mission: to improve the lives of children who would otherwise be unable to receive quality patient care. Click here to learn more about the positive endeavors that this organization has embarked around the world. Watch the video regarding our recent mission to Guayaquil, Ecuador in September 2014.

Click here to view the video about our 2013 mission with Project Perfect World.

Cross Country Staffing walked the walk. Join us again next year?

Cross Country employees doing their part for The March of Dimes

Cross Country Staffing worked up a sweat to support the March of Dimes. For 75 years, this organization has been raising funds to ensure the health and wellness of babies being born. Now we're looking to help out too. Click here to learn more about our efforts.

Cross Country Staffing gets in the rhythm of doing the right thing.

To once again help raise awareness for Breast Cancer research, everyone at Cross Country Staffing did a little dance. That's right! It was the first Annual Pink Glove Dance competition and we gave it our all. To check out our moves, click here.

Cross Country Staffing joins the “Race for the Cure”

Doing its part to help fund and facilitate important national healthcare causes, Cross Country Staffing was proud to take part in the 18th Annual Susan G. Komen South Florida Race for the Cure®, held January 31, 2009, in downtown West Palm Beach, FL. 34 members of our corporate family joined over 22,000 participants on a spectacularly sunny and brisk morning to support the world's largest and most progressive network of breast cancer survivors and activists - all inspired and motivated to help find a cure. Along with Cross Country Staffing's generous donation of $2,056 from participating team members, the race was a huge success - raising nearly $1.7 million this year alone! Taking part in progressive causes such as the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is just one of the many ways in which Cross Country Staffing continues to support the healthcare community and the well being of all.