A solution to quell mandated nurse-staffing ratios: Internal Resource Pools (IRP)

A solution to quell mandated nurse-staffing ratios: Internal Resource Pools (IRP)August 14, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Six states are considering legislation to establish a mandatory minimum on hospital nurse staffing ratios. These states include: Iowa, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Minnesota and New Jersey and the District of Columbia. With this potential mandated nurse-staffing ratio legislation on the table, and several other states with effective plans in action it’s a good time for healthcare facility executives to consider alternative and cost-effective workforce management solutions.

The staffing dilemma that many healthcare facilities face is the inability to fill enough nurses into in-demand positions during peak-patient hours. facility and care center's peak hours are unique. When these periods are inefficiently staffed, the extra burden falls on the available nurses.. This can lead to higher patient mortality rates. In fact, in 2009 Johns Hopkins Hospital found that during high-admission periods, the rate of intensive care unit readmission was as high as 500 percent.

One solution to satisfy a potential nurse-staffing ratio mandate is to implement an internal resource pool for your healthcare facility. An IRP will help manage your hospital staffing needs by managing resources within your organization and/or between the hospital and system. To best implement an IRP in your healthcare facility, Cross Country Staffing identifies opportunities to reduce the cost of vacancies and create a scheduling and staffing model tailored for your work environment.

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