ACA numbers: fact, fiction and their impact on clinical staffing.

ACA numbers: fact, fiction and their impact on clinical staffing.June 11, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

When the White House released its Affordable Care Act (ACA) Fact Sheet recently, the numbers were of great interest to healthcare organizations that wanted to know how the potential ramifications might impact their needs for clinical staffing.

However, with all of the politics surrounding the ACA, the HealthAffairs blog decided to examine the numbers in the White House release in order to separate fact from fiction. Here are some of those findings:

HealthAffairs also notes that 60 million Americans have received expanded mental health or substance-abuse benefits due to the ACA, and 105 million Americans are no longer subject to a lifetime limit.

When all of these numbers are factored in, there is little doubt that the ACA will increase demand for healthcare services and result in an additional need for a plan that delivers a comprehensive clinician staffing solution.