Are you ready for how the nursing shortage will redesign the healthcare workforce?

Are you ready for how the nursing shortage will redesign the healthcare workforce?November 20, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

By now you’ve heard the predictions: America will face a serious shortage of qualified healthcare workers in the very near future – up to 1 million vacant nursing positions by 2022, according to some accounts. The shortage will change the face of American’s healthcare workforce. Will your healthcare facility be ready to meet the challenges the shortage will create?

Consider some of the possible effects the shortage might have on your operation:

The quality of a nursing staff directly affects patient care and outcomes. “Nurses are crucial in preventing medication errors, reducing rates of infection and even facilitating patients’ transition from hospital to home,” notes the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Initiative on the Future of Nursing. In its report, “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” the committee mentions workforce planning as an important component of dealing with the nursing shortage.

The nursing shortage will force healthcare facilities to become even more competitive in hiring available nurses. Nurses will seek a superior work environment and benefits, as well as support in continuing their education and training. Cross Country Staffing can help your healthcare facility cope with the changes in the healthcare workforce, and connect you with top nursing candidates. Our healthcare staffing workforce solutions can help you achieve the optimal staffing levels that result in quality patient care and better outcomes. Contact us now for a workforce assessment to help you identify and respond to current and future staffing challenges.