CCS helps Virginia Medical Center implement EMR system

CCS helps Virginia Medical Center implement EMR systemApril 18, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

For the University of Virginia Medical Center, implementing an electronic medical records (EMR) system was no small task. With more than 500 beds in operation and numerous on-campus clinics, as well as other facilities scattered throughout Charlottesville and eastern Virginia, the medical center was faced with several challenges.

The largest challenge was determining how to backfill more than 80 positions for periods from 10 to 20 weeks while, at the same time, permanent staff helped implement, test and received training on how to use the new EMR system. This had to be done without any compromise in the delivery of quality patient care. The fact that human resources staff and department managers were also devoted to the project, and to their work with full-time employees, added another level of complexity to the equation. 

With its history of pioneering processes, finding workforce solutions for its clients – and its reputation as the only supplemental staffing agency with a dedicated department to address EMR conversions – Cross Country Staffing (CCS) was chosen to help. CCS screened and then onboarded 85 experienced healthcare professionals. CCS also provided complimentary Interview Services (IVS) and waived all premium staffing rates, which helped contain the expense of an EMR implementation.

The IVS team delivered a comprehensive solution to support the university’s EMR implementation. Supplemental healthcare staff from CCS assumed all responsibilities associated with staffing for the backfill project, including:

With a database of more than 300,000 qualified clinicians, CCS can meet large-scale staffing needs quickly, and they do so without sacrificing efficiency or quality of care. CCS helped the University of Virginia Medical Center. Learn more about how CCS can help you.