Clinician Salaries to Increase in 2016

Clinician Salaries to Increase in 2016January 29, 2016 by Vickie Anenberg

Numerous sources are predicting salaries for nurses and allied healthcare professionals will increase in 2016. Although the projected numbers vary somewhat, healthcare executives should expect paying an average of approximately 5 percent more than in 2015. Because nurses account for the largest single staffing segment in most facilities, this could have a significant impact due to lower revenues stemming from value-based reimbursement.

Balancing budgetary requirements with the need to have adequate staff is a difficult, complex challenge. For example, reducing the number of nurses can lower both care quality and patient satisfaction scores, which lead directly to reduced reimbursements from Medicare. In addition, nurse dissatisfaction generally increases. This leads to higher turnover rates, and potentially severe problems recruiting scarcely available qualified talent to fill vacancies. Trying to develop internal staffing solutions is too costly and time-consuming for the vast majority of facilities to manage on an immediate basis, much less long term.

But there are cost-effective, proven staffing programs available from Cross Country Staffing. Our suite of workforce solutions is proven to provide the measurable results facilities need to meet short-term needs, and form lasting staffing partnerships that enable facilities to efficiently anticipate and manage future staffing challenges.

The predicative analytics that form the backbone of our Predictive Labor Management Solution uses up to three years of data to forecast your facility’s staffing needs from shift-to-shift to months in advance.

Recruiting a single, qualified FTE registered nurse can cost more than $50,000 in today’s competitive marketplace. But using the Cross Country Staffing Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution can help your facility to control this cost and compress the time needed to locate and hire the right talent.

The importance of efficiently and effectively managing contingency staffing at large facilities and IDNs cannot be underestimated. Cross Country Staffing’s OneSource managed services provider program is the key to standardizing and controlling the costs of all contingency staffing, while ensuring your facility achieves fill rates that consistently enable high quality patient care and satisfaction.

If meeting your professional healthcare staffing needs and expectations cannot be compromised, we invite you to contact Cross County Staffing. One of our experienced representatives will meet with you in person, at your convenience, to discuss your needs. Our 35-year reputation is based upon a simple premise: problems identified, solutions supplied. And we’re ready to prove it.