Cost-Effective, Quality Care and Contingency Staffing

Cost-Effective, Quality Care and Contingency StaffingDecember 14, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

In a recent, detailed article, Emergency Medicine News became the latest professional publication to recognize the value of temporary nursing staff. It reported the results of numerous studies that confirm supplemental nurses, per diem, local contract and travel nurses are not only cost-effective, but fill a critical need for patient care while having no negative effect on quality.

The article quotes Linda Aiken, PhD, RN, of the University of Pennsylvania. Aiken, a well-respected, nationally recognized expert on all aspects of nurse staffing, who says, “It doesn't cost any more to use them (temporary nurses) moderately than to hire people, bringing them on staff. There are a lot of myths in healthcare. One is the myth that temporary nurses are bad for quality. That is really not true. We have not found that at any level. They are very experienced, often more experienced than the average nurse. They are older and have worked in different kinds of hospitals.

“There is no adverse impact we can measure in big studies in hundreds of hospitals. Our results show that the outcomes are better than they would be without the supplemental nurses. If they had not been there, the mortality rate would have been higher.”

Research conducted by Cross Country Staffing indicates that what healthcare facilities need is to implement comprehensive staffing programs that have the capability to both anticipate nurse staffing needs and consistently provide acceptable fill-rates in this era of value-based healthcare. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and IDNs cannot afford to have full time staff available to meet contingency needs. The resources to do so would impact the facility’s ability to remain financially viable.

However, Cross Country Staffing has developed a suite of workforce solutions that are proven to cost-effectively manage contingency staffing needs, and provide qualified nurses and allied healthcare professionals who are thoroughly vetted and credentialed to ensure a high level of quality care.

Cross Country Staffing solutions include Predictive Labor Management, Recruiting Process Outsourcing, and our nationally acclaimed OneSource MSP managed services provider program. Learn more by contacting us to talk with one of our representatives. The measurable results our solutions produce have made Cross Country Healthcare the workforce solutions provider of choice nationwide.