Deliver value-based accountable care with an integrated managed services provider

Deliver value-based accountable care with an integrated managed services providerSeptember 11, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Many healthcare facilities use multiple vendors to serve staffing needs, but most lack a true staffing partner. An integrated managed services provider (MSP) could be just the type of valuable partner your facility needs.

With more than 39 years of experience and 660 clients, Cross Country Staffing is an expert in helping healthcare facilities manage the shift to value-based accountable care. Two trends are pushing the demand for accountable care – fiscal constraints impacting healthcare facilities and an increased patient demand for outpatient care. Limited finances push healthcare facilities to find a flexible and variable staffing models to adjust staffing numbers as needed. Meanwhile, more patients are seeking outpatient medical care and patient acuity levels heighten due to increased access to medical information and insight.

Cross Country Staffing’s MSP programs yield tenured clinical leadership positions that work on-site with your team to develop a thorough staffing plan. This ensures that each position is filled with a quality healthcare professional to compensate for varying staffing needs.

We will launch our relationship with your healthcare facility by meeting with an entire unit or with floor managers to diagnose and cover planned and unplanned staffing vacancies. This allows us to better implement supply-chain management tools and data to effectively manage supplemental staffing.

The goal of an integrated MSP program from Cross Country Staffing is to keep pace with the seemingly constant changes in the healthcare industry. This is accomplished by working together as strategic partners and by placing high-quality and accountable professionals in the right roles.

Learn more about how Cross Country Staffing’s MSP program can help you deliver value-based accountable care through integrated service. Also, be sure to take advantage of our extensive database of healthcare professionals.