EMR transition staffing: an essential resource during EMR implementations and updates

EMR transition staffing: an essential resource during EMR implementations and updates April 16, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

A project as significant and extensive as electronic medical record (EMR) implementation or an update must be accompanied by a comprehensive plan that includes the proper EMR transition staffing.

The challenges of successful EMR implementation must be met with adequate resources. The proper people must be in the right roles so that all of the organization’s experience can be used at peak efficiency.

Here are some proven strategies that will help you arrive at a successful EMR transition staffing solution:

Designate a leader – An individual who is able to build consensus and shepherd others, many of whom will have competing priorities, is crucial to an efficient EMR implementation or update. Someone with an operational background who understands end-user challenges, is often in the best position to lead the effort. Experience with technology is also beneficial as decisions about what is technically feasible will need to be made.

Recruit a team – EMR implementation or update requires a team of experts completing hundreds of logistical activities. Identify the essential components of your plan, then carefully consider and select the best people to oversee those tasks.

Develop a super-user program – Super users are people who provide extra training to other employees and serve as ongoing technical support and champions of the EMR system. They serve as liaisons between end-users and the project team and are critical to EMR transition success. Look for hospital and clinic liaisons and key operational owners when selecting super users.

Choose an EMR transition staffing partner – There are also companies that can either help backfill positions during the change over to the new EMR system or that have the experience and processes in place to guide you through the implementation process. They can alleviate the stress of EMR deployment and provide all the necessary support.

An effective EMR transition staffing solution is one of the most valuable resources available to your healthcare organization as you implement an EMR technology platform.