EMR transition staffing can help reduce the increasing cost of mandate compliance

 EMR transition staffing can help reduce the increasing cost of mandate complianceAugust 6, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

The need for a good Managed Services Provider (MSP) is only going to increase in the years to come.

Cross Country Staffing

EMR transition staffing can help reduce the increasing costs of mandate compliance.

With the federal EMR mandate in full effect for public and private healthcare facilities many physicians are adopting the new technology. If healthcare facilities fail to use the EMR system, then they are subject to a government audit. However, it’s taking some facilities longer than others to come into compliance. In order to help reduce the associated costs, some facilities have found EMR transition staffing to be extremely useful.

Big or small, public or private, healthcare facilities need to adopt to EMR systems and do have the ability to reduce the stress, time and cost of the federal mandate by using EMR transition staffing services through Cross Country Staffing. In addition, clients can also receive quality training on using the EMR system through available EMR transition staffing from Cross Country Staffing.

EMR Transition Staffing

Alleviate the stress of adopting a new EMR platform with the help of experienced EMR staff. Cross Country Staffing’s database includes more than 300,000 qualified clinicians. Many of the healthcare professionals affiliated with Cross Country Staffing have extensive work experience using the major EMR technology platforms including Epic and Cerner.

Cross Country Staffing’s EMR transition staffing service is a great way to immediately improve the implementation or upgrade of your healthcare facility’s EMR system so contact CCS today to learn more about how Cross Country Staffing can help.