EMR transition staffing is essential for adhering to the national set of standards

EMR transition staffing is essential for adhering to the national set of standardsSeptember 18, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

From cutting costs to making "greener" facilities, going paperless has many advantages. However, migrating to an electronic medical records (EMR) system presents a range of challenges; your staff may need help to ensure the facility runs smoothly during the transition.

Former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, Dr. Frazad Mostashari, believes the key to setting up a successful EMR system in a healthcare facility lies in the ability to effectively manage proper hands-on care and attention during the implementation process. So far, this process has been successful. Just four years ago, 93 percent of prescriptions were drafted on paper. Now fewer than half are, as EMR systems are capable of delivering electronic prescriptions in addition to patient immunization history and allergies, as well as problems and diagnoses. With EMR systems controlling how medical information is distributed, your healthcare facility can’t risk falling behind. Cross Country Staffing’s EMR Transition Staffing will simplify the implementation process.

Cross Country Staffing has served hundreds of healthcare facilities nationwide in fulfilling staffing demands while EMR implementation takes place. Our database of more than 300,000 qualified clinicians allows us to provide immediate assistance to your facility. Your team will work with our dedicated and experienced team of professionals to develop a thorough plan for staffing based on your EMR implementation timeline. Many of our qualified professionals have extensive work experience with major EMR technology platforms.

Learn more about Cross Country Staffing and our EMR Transition Staffing Services to see how we can assist your healthcare facility effectively implement the new technology in the face of the federal healthcare mandate.