EMR Transition Staffing – our resources will smooth your process

March 11, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

If you've already moved to an electronic medical records system, you know the toll that the transition can have on your staff. But if you are still in the midst of that process, or are still planning how to best accomplish it, consider how the EMR Transition Staffing service offered by Cross Country Staffing can deliver on your healthcare staffing needs.

Drawing upon our history of pioneering processes for hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide to overcome the unique set of challenges these new systems present, we've developed this service to help our clients create a customized staffing plan that supports EMR implementation in the most cost-effective manner possible. 

The experts in our EMR Transition Staffing service will work one-on-one with the key members of your implementation team to ensure your organization is using the most cost-effective and efficient strategy available. We will develop your solution based on whether you plan to implement in phases or all at once, and organize staff fulfillment based on your estimated time frame.

Our service will also enhance your chosen EMR technology by analyzing staffing needs prior to implementation and, depending on volume and need, formulating an effective staffing solution that utilizes our extensive workforce to maintain the proper staff levels and standards of quality patient care.

We will execute this plan at your facility, allowing your permanent staff to attend EMR training and become comfortable with the technology and process while our temporary resources fill in where necessary so implementation proceeds smoothly.

To learn more about how Cross Country Staffing's EMR transition staffing can ease the pressure of your electronic medical record implementation and keep productivity high, please contact Cross Country Staffing today.