Faster, more effective hiring is within reach

Faster, more effective hiring is within reachOctober 24, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Timely, effective hiring is vital to the success of any healthcare facility - especially when staffing needs can change on a daily basis. Yet a study by WANTED Analytics indicates that it can take 50 days or longer to hire a registered nurse. Does your healthcare facility have that kind of time to spare?

Most likely not.

Staff ratios directly affect quality of patient care, and employee satisfaction levels. Every day an important position remains unfilled is a day of additional stress for existing staff - one in which time demands may limit their ability to provide quality patient care. Vacancies affect the nurses, assistants and physicians that must shoulder additional work, and the HR team that must invest resources in advertising, reviewing resumes, screening candidates, refining a list of interviewees and conducting interviews.

When you consider the projected industry growth over the next decade, it becomes even more imperative to streamline the hiring process.

Overall, total employment in the healthcare industry will grow by nearly 11 percent by 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statics predicts. The number of jobs for nurse practitioners is expected to increase by 31 percent, 25 percent for LPNs , and 20 percent for RNs, according to BLS data. That kind of opportunity will almost certainly mean greater competition among healthcare facilities to hire and retain the best candidates in the field.

While time is of the essence, it's also vital that you hire the right people, professionals whose skills, dedication and personality fit the needs, goals and culture of your healthcare facility. Partnering with the right staffing company can help ensure your hiring is faster and more effective than if you tried going it alone.

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