Growing Concerns About Employee Satisfaction

Growing Concerns About Employee SatisfactionFebruary 8, 2016 by Vickie Anenberg

Healthcare facilities nationwide are finding they need to place more emphasis on employee satisfaction in order to not only reduce turnover, but also compete for patients in what is becoming a consumer-driven industry. However, Cross Country Staffing notes that dissatisfaction is just one of many diverse factors causing increased turnover rates, particularly among clinicians.

For example, as the economy improves and more Americans have access to affordable health insurance, staffing needs increase; therefore, causing more competition for qualified healthcare professionals. While there were already shortages of experienced nurses as well as many of the allied healthcare professions, now physicians have become much harder to recruit. Members of the baby boomer generation are retiring in unprecedented numbers. And at the front end of the staffing pipeline, nursing and medical schools are falling far short of the demand for new graduates.

Additionally, many facilities have had problems coping with value-based reimbursement, especially when coupled with the costly mandates to improve quality of care and the implementation of new technology. The resulting shortfalls in revenue and the needs for channeling scarce resources in order to account for the costs of capital improvements is a double-edge sword. The results: deep program cuts that affect employee satisfaction.

Cross Country Staffing has anticipated these challenges. Based on our more than 35 years of healthcare professional staffing experience, we have developed a suite of unique, fully scalable workforce solutions proven to provide measurable results. Our solutions combine leading-edge technology tools with the staffing professionals whose expertise enables partner facilities to cost-effectively meet their staffing and employee satisfaction goals.

We employ the industry’s most comprehensive predictive analytics to forecast staffing needs and avoid excessive workloads. Our nationally recognized OneSource managed services provider program standardizes staffing spend and quality, while significantly improving fill rates. Cross Country Staffing can redesign your facility’s internal resource pool to streamline its operation and eliminate mandatory overtime. And if your facility is implementing a new medical record system or major enhancement to an existing system, we have a contingency staffing program that enables you to efficiently train in-house personnel without adversely affecting your current workflow.

To learn more about how Cross Country Staffing can customize workforce solutions to meet your facility’s immediate and long-term staffing needs, we invite you to schedule a meeting with one of our representatives at your convenience. We’re prepared to show you why Cross Country Staffing is the recognized leader in workforce staffing solutions.