Healthcare Staffing in the Medicare Era

Healthcare Staffing in the Medicare EraJuly 23, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

Cross Country Staffing suggests that healthcare providers, especially hospitals, need to implement staffing plans that will enable them to effectively complete for nurses and other specialties in which there are and will continue to be a shortage of qualified candidates. The nation has entered an era of Medicare, in which for the next 15 years, roughly 10,000 new Medicare aged consumers will be applying for benefits every day.

As Americans become older, they generally require care that is more expensive to provide. Positive information about the quality of care hospitals provide, such as HCAHPS scores and comments posted by patients to social media sites, will become increasingly important as hospitals compete for the revenue generated by Medicare reimbursements. In spite of efforts by the federal government to reduce the cost of such reimbursements, thereby impacting hospital margins, the importance of securing a substantial share of this revenue stream cannot be underestimated.

Once again, Dan Diamond has written a thought-provoking article for Forbes. In it, he writes very succinctly about how the influx of Medicare recipients will affect healthcare. According to Diamond, “In the past decade, the number of all U.S. jobs has grown by six percent — but the number of home health jobs has grown by 60 percent, as more aging Americans with chronic illness need support and care. Meanwhile, more doctors are hanging up their stethoscopes, as an unprecedented number of physicians hit retirement age.” The portion of his comment that addresses physician retirement pertains even more to nurses and allied healthcare professionals.

Diamond goes on to write, “And we’re going to have to grapple with hard questions. How will we pay for a much bigger Medicare program? And who will care for our seniors?” How we will eventually pay for Medicare is a problem the government must work to solve. But who will provide care will largely depend on which healthcare facilities have the most effective long-term staffing plan.

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