Healthcare Staffing Shortages are Causing Fatigue, Learn How an IRP Can Help.

Healthcare Staffing Shortages are Causing Fatigue, Learn How an IRP Can Help.June 4, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Healthcare staffing issues are causing problems at healthcare facilities around the county.  A majority of nurses say they are concerned about their ability to perform their work safely, and two-thirds say they have nearly made a mistake at work because of fatigue.

These findings were from a survey released last year by the American Organization of Nurse Executives. It also revealed that nurse fatigue could negatively impact operational costs, employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction as well.  

The nursing shortage is well known, but it isn't always obvious what ramifications this shortage has on a healthcare organization’s operations. When nurses are overworked because of staffing shortages, mistakes are more likely to be made, morale is lower and turnover is higher.

Many healthcare facilities are discovering a way to overcome this challenge by using an Internal Resource Pool (IRP) that is developed with the help of a Managed Services Provider (MSP), such as Cross Country Staffing.

This is a staffing solution that works by creating a group of nurses and other healthcare professionals who are available to fill open shifts when they become available. Because healthcare facilities can call on these people instead of contracted staff who will usually cost more to bring in, substantial savings are created.

Employees enjoy taking part in the IRP because it offers them more flexibility in their schedules. This benefit tends to attract professionals who may be more than shift workers brought in from the outside.

The IRP also allows the organization more time to check out and approve those staff, which improves the overall quality of patient care. The time spent training those who are new and unfamiliar with internal processes and procedures is also eliminated.

If your organization has healthcare staffing issues and is interested in learning more about how an IRP could help, contact Cross Country Staffing to learn more