Healthcare staffing solutions to quell looming doctor shortage

Healthcare staffing solutions to quell looming doctor shortageSeptember 4, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Family medicine has long been considered the best preventive-care program to help reduce healthcare costs and keep emergency room visits to a minimum. Unfortunately, the number of United States medical school students going into primary care has dropped 51.8 percent since 1997, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). The AAFP predicts a shortage of 40,000 family physicians by 2020.

This shortage will impact countless Americans looking for medical care. It will cause emergency rooms to fill up, resulting in longer waiting times in doctors' offices and a reduction in the quality of care due to the increased patient-to-doctor ratio.

The solution

Combat the looming shortage of primary care doctors by taking advantage of Cross Country Staffing’s extensive database of highly qualified nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

The President of the AAFP, Ted Epperly, says the presence of a nurse practitioner or physician assistant at all patient doctor appointments gives the doctor more time to treat other patients. The practitioner or physician assistant can take over the tasks of administering prescriptions and recommending specialists.

Cross Country Staffing’s healthcare staffing solutions

With more than 39 years of healthcare staffing experience, Cross Country Staffing is a proven leader in the industry. With access to a database of qualified healthcare professionals, you will be able to quickly find candidates for a number of temporary and permanent positions – this includes nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Access the Solutions Finder to learn even more ways that Cross Country Staffing can help.