Healthcare system consolidations prompting internal resource pool introduction.

Healthcare system consolidations prompting internal resource pool introduction.September 23, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

The most recent trend in the healthcare industry has involved large regional and national healthcare facilities expanding by acquiring local hospitals. This trend of healthcare system consolidation has created massive healthcare systems with multiple moving parts. In order to efficiently and effectively manage your growing healthcare staff, it’s important to set up an internal resource pool – and Cross Country Staffing can help.

Some of the nation’s largest for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare facilities have become giants through consolidation, with annual dollar revenues reaching into the billions that rival Fortune 500 companies, according to the annual Modern Healthcare survey. To manage a staffing influx in your healthcare facility, consider working with Cross Country Staffing’s Internal Resource Pool (IRP) Consulting and Development.

Cross Country Staffing’s IRP service can help your facility create a collaborative scheduling and staffing model for your internal workforce. Through leveraging and deploying resources within your organization and between hospital systems, your facility will better manage overhead costs and meet patient/staff ratios with high-quality care. With an internal flexible staffing pool, you will:

By allowing Cross Country Staffing to manage the recruitment of your internal workforce, your healthcare facility will see a number of favorable and measurable results – especially as facilities become larger and staff sizes increase. Learn more about Cross Country Staffing and how we can help you create an internal resource pool to effectively utilize your workforce.