Hospital staffing trends changing across the country

May 13, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

As they look to the future, hospital staffing trends are changing across the country. Primary care providers are in especially high demand these days. Recruiters are looking for physicians in areas such as family and internal medicine, while nurse practitioners, physician assistants and allied professionals are also being sought out. 

These staffing trends have developed due to a number of circumstances – an aging population, a physician workforce shortage and healthcare reform, according to a story by U.S. News & World Report.

In addition to primary care positions, the magazine reported hospitals are also hiring emergency physicians, care coordinators, patient care advocates and clinical pharmacists. IT personnel and data experts are in demand as well, due to the transition to electronic medical records and implementation of billing systems that span multiple insurance carriers.

The ramp-up in staffing for these positions comes at a time when hospitals are also working to cut costs by eliminating redundancies and waste. Workforce assessments are being utilized to look at each position and determine the return on investment taking place. This is true for all positions in the hospital – even physicians.

For some organizations, it makes more sense to outsource this rigorous process and some of the other staffing functions. Managed service providers are becoming a much more relied-upon resource for hospitals in search of the proven solutions an experienced staffing provider will deliver.

There is little doubt the changes many hospitals are now experiencing – both self-driven and through the industry – will continue to shape the workforce needs of healthcare organizations for the foreseeable future. The flexibility and direction a staffing solutions company can provide as hospital staffing trends continue to shift will be one constant hospitals can rely on as they navigate this change.