Hospitals Face Fierce Competition for Healthcare IT Staff

Hospitals Face Fierce Competition for Healthcare IT StaffJune 19, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

The healthcare industry is a relative newcomer in terms of implementing sophisticated technology such as EMR/EHR systems. Therefore, the healthcare IT talent pool available to upgrade or replace less capable systems is smaller than the demand.

Cross Country Staffing recommends hospital executives read a new article, posted by Modern Healthcare, which addresses the shortage of healthcare IT professionals in terms of managerial and executive staff. The article notes that federal incentives to implement compliant EMR/EHR systems are nearing an end, and that costly penalties for not meeting implementation deadlines will follow next year.

However, the article does not address the fact that healthcare IT workers at all levels are in short supply. This includes programmers and systems analysts who have as little as one year of professional experience.

Research recently conducted by Software Advice indicates that the number of healthcare provider organizations seeking to replace existing EMR/EHR systems has increased by 59 percent since 2014. Although the majority of these providers are clinicians such as physician groups, the type of organization is inconsequential. Enhancing or replacing any existing system further depletes the healthcare IT talent pool. Because the majority of U.S. hospitals are not-for-profit, their resources are finite, making it difficult in many instances to compete for new IT candidates. This challenge is further compounded by the multitude of government initiatives and regulations that have reduced profit margins in the era of value-based care.

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