How healthcare staffing ratios impact hospital readmissions

 How healthcare staffing ratios impact hospital readmissionsJuly 21, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Providing your patients with premier care starts with better healthcare staffing ratios - especially among nurses. A direct link between nursing staff ratios and hospital readmissions is highlighted in a recent study by the British Medical Journal Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

The Study

The study found that an increase of just one patient to a hospital's average staffing ratio raised the likelihood of a patient’s readmission within 15 to 30 days by 11 percent. The likelihood of readmission for surgical patients skyrocketed to 48 percent under the same circumstances. The study also found that children treated in hospitals with a healthcare staffing ratio of no more than four patients per nurse were significantly less likely to be readmitted within 15 to 30 days.

Lower patient-to-nurse ratios in hospitals allow registered nurses to give patients better care, helping save lives and lower readmission rates. Additional benefits include:

The Solutions

A bill has been reintroduced in U.S. Congress to set specific limits on the number of patients each registered nurse can care for in hospitals throughout the country. A standardized formula would give each hospital a healthcare staffing ratio based on size and average patients throughout the year.

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