How hospitals are achieving cost-effective staffing workforce solutions

April 16, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

How hospitals are achieving cost-effective staffing workforce solutionsCost-effective workforce solutions are increasingly difficult to come by with no major changes expected in some of the current healthcare trends. The shortage of nurses, increased patient demand, declining reimbursements, an aging workforce and rising costs all contribute to the need for effective workforce management.

Many healthcare systems have recognized the savings that workforce solutions can bring and now focus on the methods most likely to achieve one. Scheduling is often one of their major workforce challenges. Properly matching availability with workload, needed expertise and anticipated demand can, at times, be more of an art than a skill.

An approach that allows hospitals to integrate the timekeeping, scheduling, productivity and human resources functions can help managers produce an accurate workforce forecast. There are also analytic tools that evaluate productivity, budgeting, compliance and other areas of interest. Real-time access to this information is another valuable method to help achieve workforce optimization.

Using a strategic managed service provider (MSP) is also an increasingly popular resource for hospitals that would like to achieve cost-effective temporary staffing solutions. MSPs such as Cross Country Staffing have years of experience implementing agile staffing programs for clients of all sizes.

With expertise in quality of supply, staffing efficiencies and back-end processes, an MSP puts in place an already-proven system to work for the client. The ability to source high volumes of qualified healthcare professionals, interface with multiple client internal resource pools and dedicate clinical resources throughout the MSP process allows these organizations to provide an invaluable service for their clients.

It’s more important than ever to recognize savings wherever possible. An innovative workforce solution is one of the successful ways this can be done.