How to leverage temporary healthcare staff into long-term employees.

How to leverage temporary healthcare staff into long-term employees.December 1, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Just as no single treatment cures the ills of all patients, healthcare staffing solutions are not one size fits all. Needs vary from facility to facility, and fluctuate within healthcare facilities depending on circumstances and seasonal demands. The temporary worker you hire today may be the permanent staffer you need tomorrow.

For many healthcare facilities, temporary workers are an excellent resource for filling permanent staff needs as well. When you hire temps, are you thinking ahead to their potential to become permanent? Cross Country Staffing can help your healthcare facility not only fill temporary staffing needs, but put in place professionals whose skills and personality ensure they could easily transition into permanent employment.

If you’ve worked with us before, you already know that Cross Country Staffing can help reduce turnover rates and hiring costs, keep your workload needs met throughout the hiring process, afford you greater control over the hiring process and fill vacancies faster. We can also help you establish a more successful foundation for transitioning valuable temporary healthcare staff into permanent positions.

When you work with us to hire temporary staff, you gain the opportunity to “test drive” candidates for permanent positions. There’s no better way to ensure you’re hiring the right person for the job than to see that person in action and experience how well he or she fits with the culture of your healthcare facility. You’ll have a better understanding of the worker’s skill level, strengths and personality before you commit to a longer relationship. Transitioning successful temporary candidates to full-time positions helps lower the costs associated with starting from scratch to hire a full-time worker.

Cross Country Staffing already has a reputation for providing outstanding travel professionals and temporary workers. If one of our healthcare professionals is working at your facility on a temporary basis, and you feel the individual is a perfect fit for a permanent position, we can work with you to ensure the arrangement works out for everyone. Visit our solutions finder to get started finding the temporary healthcare professionals you need.