Include Nurse Executives in EHR Decisions to Reduce Dissatisfaction

Include Nurse Executives in EHR Decisions to Reduce DissatisfactionDecember 19, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

A Cross Country Staffing Exclusive Interview with Dr. Joseph I. Bormel

Black Book Market Research has published its third quarter 2014 EHR Loyalty Poll. Of the 13,650 nurses surveyed, 92 percent reported dissatisfaction with their hospital’s inpatient system. According to the report, this is an all-time high.

Further, 88 percent of those surveyed blamed the CIO or finance department for implementing low performance systems based upon government incentives. Cross Country Staffing spoke with a nationally recognized expert and thought leader on EHR/EMR systems, Joseph I. Bormel, MD, MPH, about how to improve the satisfaction rate.

Dr. Bormel described the importance of having a nurse executive as a member of the decision-making team, whether it be to enhance an existing system, or install a new one. “It would be essential in either case, because there would be a known behavior change required by nursing managers and staff nurses alike,” said Bormel. “The needs of the nursing staff must be taken into consideration, and they have earned representation at the table by someone who is sensitive to their needs

“Every system makes certain demands on the nurses who use it. Even if the existing system is being enhanced, these demands may increase causing unintended negative consequences. For example, the enhancement may call for nurses to enter 10 additional data elements for their patients requiring 30 seconds per element. That means every nurse will need to devote five additional minutes of data entry time for each of their patients. Let’s say a nurse has six patients at a given point in time, that’s 30 minutes per day taken from the time spent nursing their patients.

“This type of example would be relatively transparent and important to a nurse executive. However, it’s not realistic to think a CIO would be aware of, much less sensitive to this issue. A nurse executive who is also a member of the IT decision-making team is the key to representing what is arguably the largest single group of EHR/EMR system users in every hospital.”

If you would like to learn more about the Black Book poll, you will find the initial press release here.

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Dr. Joe Bormel currently serves as vice president of informatics with Healthline Networks. Prior to this assignment, he worked in the Office of the Chief Medical Officer at the ONC on a special IT project as the director for health outcomes. Dr. Bormel previously served as the CMO of QuadraMed Corporation and as a director and chief architect for Medical Measurement and Management System Solutions at Cerner Corporation. He also holds advanced standing with the American College of Physician Executives.