Interview services are more important than ever

Interview services are more important than everApril 25, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

A survey conducted last fall by CareerBuilder found that 48 percent of all nursing jobs take six weeks or longer to fill. 20 percent of these positions go unfilled for 12 weeks or longer at healthcare facilities across the country, the company reported.

These results are not surprising given the high demand that exists for qualified nurses. However, they highlight the fact that effective interview services remain a vital need for many healthcare providers.

Some nurse or hiring managers at these companies may not have the time or expertise to evaluate nursing candidates as quickly and efficiently as those experts who specialize in the field. They may not immediately identify top candidates; therefore, strong applicants may choose to go elsewhere rather than waiting out an extended hiring process.

An experienced interview services team brings a refined technique that streamlines the hiring process, making it more efficient and cost effective at the same time. Interview-to-hire ratios will improve and a thorough review of credentials will make certain that only well-qualified candidates are even considered for placement.  

The Interview Services Team developed by Cross Country Staffing (CCS) offers the perfect example of this expertise in action. A team of tenured registered nurses serve as Clinical Liaisons and Interview Services managers. Team members work on-site or off-site to learn and understand the culture and needs of each client in order to meet the specific requirements of each position.

A CCS Clinical Leadership Team has also been created to help select candidates that will be the right fit for the job. Each member of this team is credentialed in behavioral interviewing, a proven technique for finding strong hires.

With the need for qualified registered nurses only expected to rise in the years to come, an effective and efficient system for interview services will continue to take on added importance.