Interview Services make finding the right clinicians much less difficult.

From reactive to proactive, a managed services provider will help you make the transition.May 28, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Finding clinicians who are the right fit for your healthcare facility can sometimes be a challenge. Your human resources staff may be experienced and know what they are looking for in a new hire, but there are often many other projects requiring the time and services of an HR staff. Because they have to work at filling many other positions in an organization, the HR staff’s focus can’t always be on clinicians. This is where an Interview Services solution can help.

A healthcare staffing provider who specializes in hiring clinicians brings a wealth of experience to the job, and they are also able to focus solely on finding exactly the right people for the positions available.

The Interview Services (IVS) offered by Cross Country Staffing (CCS) feature a team of registered nurses who are certified in behavioral interviewing. They function as an extension of the existing internal staff and will handle as much of the interviewing as needed to fill open positions.

The IVS team conducts an extensive credential review before candidates are selected for interviews, ensuring only the most qualified proceed to the next phase of the process. This improves interview-to-hire ratios greatly.  

The use of behavioral interviews helps identify candidates who are the best fit for an organization. Members of the IVS team can work either on-site or off-site and will gain an understanding of the culture in order to facilitate this process.

The interview services team was created to provide clients with a hands-on knowledge base they can either rely on to augment their own hiring efforts or to complete them more efficiently.

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