Interview services managers understand behavioral interviewing.

May 16, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

One of the most difficult aspects of the hiring process is to look beyond the stock answers many candidates come ready with and get a meaningful sense of the person who would like to join your healthcare facility. Experienced interview services (IVS) providers often use a technique called behavioral interviewing to achieve this goal.

Behavioral interviewing is a method of assessing candidates by asking them questions about past behavior that require answers with specific examples that illustrate their unique skills and traits. These questions are also meant to reveal more about how well the applicant would fit within the organization’s culture and the team dynamics that exist. 

A typical behavioral interview question starts with a phrase such as “Give me an example of…” or “Describe a situation where…” and leads candidates into stories that describe a problem, how they handled it and the results of their actions.

For healthcare staffing positions, these questions might include:

IVS experts such as Cross Country Staffing (CCS) are able to craft specific questions that drill down in search of the skills an employer requires to fill each job opening. CCS employs a certified team of registered nurses who are credentialed in behavioral interviewing. They combine this skill with their nursing experience and knowledge of healthcare to help clients look past the artificial answers; therefore, finding the qualities underneath that are the right fit for their organizations.