Is poor HCAHPS reporting hurting your healthcare facility? Workforce assessments can help

Is poor HCAHPS reporting hurting your healthcare facility? Workforce assessments can helpAugust 26, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

In 2008, U.S. consumers gained a valuable tool for making decisions about where to receive healthcare. That’s when results from the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems survey, or HCAHPS, were first published on the Hospital Compare website,

The HCAHPS survey was the first national standardized and publicly reported survey to measure how satisfied hospital patients are with the care they received. While many healthcare facilities had independently surveyed patients in the past, the HCAHPS was the first to collect standardized information from patients at all facilities across the country and then make the results readily available to the public. 

It’s important that you monitor the HCAHPS results for your facility. This ensures that you are aware of your online reputation and how it could be impacting your bottom line. The data on the site is updated quarterly, so make sure you are regularly reviewing the latest results.  

Scores are clearly categorized and show what percentage of patients answered questions a certain way. For example, it shows the percentage of patients who reported that they "Always" received help as soon as they wanted. The site makes it easy to see how the facility stacks up relative to others by displaying the average score nationally and also for that state.

To dig deeper, also assess your performance compared to other similar-sized facilities and facilities near you. If nearby facilities offer similar services to yours and have higher marks in some or several areas, you could very well be losing business as patients elect to receive care elsewhere. Similarly, if you have very low marks in one or more areas, that could prompt savvy consumers to choose a different facility, even if it is a significant distance away. Additionally, if similar-sized facilities have better scores, it’s a sign that you should be doing better in that area given your resources.

If your healthcare facility isn’t receiving the overall marks you'd like, or if it’s merely lacking in a certain category, take steps to address the problem. One option is to implement a workforce assessment.

Cross Country Staffing’s workforce assessment

A thorough workforce assessment from Cross Country Staffing will help your facility deliver both quality patient care and excellent service. You will receive a customized solution that is based on an in-depth, on-site analysis of the facility's staffing process. It will identify risks and key inefficiencies, and deliver resource pool and recruitment outsourcing recommendations to improve the quality of care. The assessment will provide a strategy for improvement that will deliver both immediate and long-term results. 

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