Key Considerations to Engage Hospital Staff

Key Considerations to Engage Hospital StaffMarch 5, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

Engaging hospital staff, and keeping them engaged, are critical if your facility is to achieve its goals. Much has been written about this challenge. In a new article by Kevin Kruse, posted by Forbes, Kruse describes engagement clearly, and uses impressive facts to underscore his suggested approach.

“Hospital and health system leaders have long been challenged by the dual pursuits of clinical and operational excellence in a highly competitive environment. Healthcare reform has added to the challenge by bringing a focus to patient satisfaction, provider preventable conditions, and readmission rates,” he wrote.

Kruse goes on to state, “Despite advances in medical technology, healthcare is still a people-intensive business, and improving HCAHPS scores and reducing HACs requires an investment in human capital—specifically, on employee engagement … Put simply, when your employees are engaged, they care about your hospital, their team, and their patients.”

To put things in proper perspective, Kruse mentioned a Gallup poll of 200 hospitals. The results of this poll indicated that engaging nurses was the single most important factor correlating to patient mortality. He then listed the three top drivers of staff engagement in every organization:

Numerous healthcare consultants have also said that managers and rank-and-file staff need to know hospital leadership welcomes and gives serious consideration to their opinions and suggestions. This management technique reinforces both recognition and trust.

As you take action to engage your staff, you first need to know you have the right healthcare professionals in the right jobs. That is exactly what Cross Country Staffing has been helping hospitals do for over 35 years. We understand complex staffing needs, and provide cost-effective workforce solutions to meet the most unique staffing challenges. Cross Country Staffing engages with our partner hospitals to efficiently meet their strategic goals.