Leapfrog Group Posts Spring Safety Scores

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May 11, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

The Leapfrog Group has just posted its spring 2015 “Hospital Safety Score” report – a semi-annual report used extensively by both the news media and potential patients alike. Each report provides information about the progress hospitals overall, and individual facilities in local areas, are making to improve patient safety.

Hospital performance is based on what Leapfrog defines as “28 measures, all currently in use by national measurement and reporting programs.” Since last fall, a five-letter grade system is being used – from A through F – for easier comprehension. Cross Country Staffing suggests that hospital executives review this report here to learn about its methodology, the data sources used to assemble the information, and the grade their facility may have received. Most of the information can easily be downloaded at no cost.

Within the limitations of the information compiled by Leapfrog, 2,523 hospitals were measured. There were hospitals that did not report a sufficient amount of data to be considered for the report, and hospitals in Maryland are not required to publicly disclose their safety data. Almost 60 percent of the hospitals measured received a grade of A or B. Less than 7 percent were rated either D or F.

In addition to the Leapfrog Group, there are a number of organizations that post hospital safety ratings. Nationally, these include:

Healthcare executives should be aware of the ratings their facilities are receiving because value-based care is now the norm. These ratings can have a considerable, long-term effect on an organization’s financial health and ability to compete in the marketplace.

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