Leapfrog Group Releases New Nursing Workforce Report

Leapfrog Group Releases New Nursing Workforce ReportJuly 17, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

The Leapfrog Group has released its “Nursing Workforce Safe Practices” report based upon 2014 hospital data compiled by the research group Castlight Health. A free copy of the report can be downloaded here.

Cross Country Staffing notes that this brief report is interesting because it does not take into consideration nurse-to-patient staffing ratios. Instead, the report states that, “The nursing workforce safe practices reflect processes and policies for ensuring hospitals have enough skilled nurses, that patient safety issues related to having enough skilled nurses are constantly being reviewed, that nursing leadership is represented throughout the hospital, and that hospital leadership is held accountable for improvements.”

To define nursing workforce safe practices, Leapfrog used a 2014 audited version of the “Safe Practices for Better Healthcare,” Section 9, originally released in 2010 by the National Quality Forum. The results of the report indicate that the hospitals surveyed are making progress, but about 40 percent have not yet complied with all of Leapfrog’s 21 safe practice indicators. Clearly, there is room for improvement.

Coincidently, the report was released as Congress is considering bringing the Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act of 2015 to a vote this session. The legislation specifically, unlike the Leapfrog report, identifies a presumed need for nurse staffing ratios.

Quality patient care and patient safety are always the top healthcare priorities, and Cross Country Staffing recognizes the need to have staffing programs implemented that meet the unique needs of each facility. We have been developing successful programs for more than 35 years, and we invite you to learn more about Cross Country Staffing and the cost-effective workforce solutions that have made us a leader in staffing innovation and service.