Meeting 2016 Healthcare Staffing Challenges

Meeting 2016 Healthcare Staffing ChallengesJanuary 29, 2016 by Vickie Anenberg

As the shortage of qualified clinicians continues in 2016 – physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals – healthcare facilities will be hard-pressed to compete for existing talent. Recent research conducted by such reputable sources as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the CDC, and even Bank of America indicate this year may present the most competitive environment in history. Healthcare facilities will also need to cope with the impact an up to five percent increase in clinician wages will have on their already stressed budgets.

Cross Country Staffing recommends reading the results of a new survey conducted by the GW Health Workforce Institute at George Washington University that takes an interesting approach to identifying healthcare staffing trends in 2016. HealthLeaders Media has posted an article that features information from this survey not yet available on the GW website.

Staffing challenges have become more complex and time consuming. Identifying cost-effective programs to ensure high quality care that drives patient satisfaction have become mandatory if healthcare facilities are to remain financially viable. Cross Country Staffing has developed a suite of workforce solutions that are fully scalable, and can be customized to address the staffing needs of facilities that range from Predictive Labor Management and Recruitment Process Outsourcing to designing an efficient Internal Resource Pool, and our nationally recognized OneSource managed services provider program.

Cross Country Staffing is uniquely positioned to help healthcare facilities anticipate their staffing needs based upon predictive analytics, control their contingency staffing costs through managed services, and significantly improve their staffing fill rates. The shortages of qualified clinicians across the spectrum of healthcare professions has increased the need to hire experienced per diem, contract, and travel contingency staff who can provide quality care on an as needed, often immediate basis.

There is no longer any doubt that contingency staffing has no negative effect on quality healthcare, and is proven to be cost-effective when managed by the staffing professionals at Cross Country Staffing. To understand the value contingency staff can bring to a facility, we suggest reading a new article published by Emergency Medicine News.   

Let us start helping your facility meet its professional healthcare staffing challenges through measurable results. We invite you to contact us at your convenience to set a time when you can discuss your needs and objectives with an experienced Cross Country representative. We’re ready to show you why Cross Country Staffing is the leader in healthcare staffing workforce solutions.