Need a staffing solution? An internal resource pool may be for you.

Need a staffing solution? An internal resource pool may be for you.May 2, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

The staffing challenges faced by many healthcare organizations often require innovative solutions, and one that is proving popular and successful is the internal resource pool. This staffing solution allows employers to fill open shifts more easily while working to keep costs down.

For those who aren’t familiar with this concept, an internal resource pool is a group of healthcare professionals who are available and can be called upon when open shifts must be filled. Becoming part of such a pool can be an attractive option for nurses and other healthcare professionals because it provides them flexibility, which is an increasingly attractive benefit in the workforce and may attract more talented personnel.

An internal pool provides better quality control of the workforce, and there is little need for the type of training and onboarding that must be done when someone is brought in from the outside.

Cross Country Staffing (CCS) has experience working with healthcare providers to set up an internal resource pool that is unique to each system's needs. CCS can manage the recruitment of this internal workforce to leverage and deploy resources already in your organization or system.

This results in a number of favorable outcomes such as reduced agency and overtime spending, increased staff satisfaction and lower turnover.

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