New Hospital Readmissions Research

New Hospital Readmissions ResearchOctober 22, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

Cross Country Staffing suggests hospital administrators read a new article about reducing readmissions that has been posted by the Harvard Business Review. What makes this research so interesting is that it was conducted not by clinicians, but by two business and marketing professors, one from Tulane, and the other from Ohio State University.

Their results indicate that hospitals can reduce readmission rates by an average of five percent if they emphasize patient communication combined with traditional evidence-based care standards. The researchers used six years of data compiled from the input of almost 3,000 acute care facilities for their study.

The article also provides information about related research the two professors conducted that measured a comparison between “two different dimensions of patient experience” – one being communications focused, the other focused on response. According to the writers, “The communication-focused dimension corresponds to the caregiver’s ability to engage in meaningful conversations with the patient. The response-focused dimension corresponds to the caregiver’s ability to respond quickly to a patient’s explicit needs. Improving these dimensions require different hospital resources: While the response-focused dimension benefits from investments in things like visual monitoring systems and RFID location systems, the communication-focused dimension benefits from training programs that teach interpersonal skills and empathy to caregivers.”

Again, the results indicate that effective patient communication is the more important factor to reduce 30-day readmissions. Although some degree of clinician training will be required for better patient communication at many facilities, the most important factor here is to have the right people on staff in the first place. And to accomplish this goal, hundreds of facilities depend on Cross Country Staffing.

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