New Series to Provide CEOs with Leadership Insights

New Series to Provide CEOs with Leadership InsightsJuly 6, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

Cross Country Staffing recommends hospital leaders read a new series of blogs being posted by The Advisory Board Company. There is no charge to access the series, “CEOs Need to Know,” online. The complete first post, “5 Things CEOs Need to Know about Nurses,” is now available here. It is intended to succinctly provide CEOs with information about the major challenges their chief nursing officers must contend with on a regular basis.

The five things CEOs need to know, according to the Advisory Board, including references to other sources for further information, are the following:

  1. There are better cost savings opportunities than labor: Reducing the labor force, especially nursing staff, is not the best alternative. Some 85 percent of such savings can be derived instead from changes to “outdated care protocols, supply waste, and unfavorable contract terms.”
  2. Nurses are too often required to perform tasks outside of patient care: Nurses should not be relied upon to perform work that can be more cost-effectively completed by other members of hospital care teams or non-clinical support staff.
  3. The majority of nurses do not understand executive actions: “Less than 50 percent of nurses agreed with the statement, ‘The actions of executives within my organization reflect our mission and values’”
  4. Nurses are the key to care transformation: The successful transition to value-based care will depend largely on nurses to provide the skill sets for “improving interdisciplinary collaboration, integrating patient care across settings, better managing chronic disease, and supporting population health goals.”
  5. HPPD is not the right standard for measuring nurse productivity: Hours per patient day (HPPD) is a standard measurement used by hospitals to determine nurse productivity. It is the wrong standard. “HPPD typically treats all nursing hours equally, even though there can be considerable variation among nurses in education, experience, tenure, certification, and performance.”


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