Performing background checks – the easiest, most effective way to ensure new hires.

Performing background checks – the easiest, most effective way to ensure new hires.November 19, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Background checks are a critical element of the onboarding process for any potential new hires. Such checks can help a healthcare facility gain assurance that it's hiring professionals who are not only skilled and qualified, but law-abiding and ethical as well.

Across the country, states have enacted - or are contemplating - regulations to require home healthcare workers to submit to rigorous background screening. In addition to being properly licensed and credentialed, every healthcare facility staff member is required to submit to background checks in every state in the country. How effective and simple is your screening process? How confident are you in the results?

Cross Country Staffing has vast experience in conducting extensive background checks for healthcare professionals; it's an important part of the service we will provide to your healthcare facility when you partner with us for your staffing needs. Each candidate we place has been thoroughly scrutinized to ensure he or she has been forthright throughout the interview process, and has acted with integrity in the past both professionally and personally.

Whether you're looking for short or long-term staff, filling unplanned staffing vacancies, or you need per diem staffing, Cross Country Staffing can provide qualified, capable candidates who have passed through a rigorous background check. Contact us today to learn more about the easiest, most effective way to ensure everyone you hire has a clear history.