Predictive Analytics and the Emergency Department

Predictive Analytics and the Emergency DepartmentDecember 14, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are now becoming significantly more aware of the value predicative analytics bring to forecasting staffing needs from shift-to-shift, all the way to quarterly requirements. The emergency department (ED) is an area where many facilities historically encounter difficult staffing challenges.

It is not unusual for an ED to have a higher than average turnover rate, scheduling problems, and high costs due to overtime issues. But implementing the cloud-based Predictive Labor Management tool from Cross Country Healthcare (CCH) will enable your facility to make intelligent staffing decisions for optimizing staff satisfaction that ensures quality care and patient satisfaction.

Our Predictive Labor Management produces the most comprehensive benefits because it has unmatched functionality. For example, the CCH predictive analytics model has the capability to accurately analyze up to five years of data that provide planning guidance for budgeting, rosters, and supplemental staffing, as well as workload productivity, acuity, and severity. Further, this technology is backed by analytics experts with decades of healthcare facility staffing experience.

Cross Country Healthcare Predictive Labor Management not only forecasts when, why, and what specific staffing levels are needed, it also provides the intelligence to determine how a facility’s goals can be achieved. This is a unique feature that generates recommendations for which additional workforce solutions should be implemented to streamline immediate and long-term staffing needs, thereby producing an end-to-end program.

To learn more about Predictive Labor Management, visit our Cross Country Staffing division’s website, where you will also find information about our comprehensive suite of cost-effective workforce solutions. And to fully understand how we can customize our predictive analytics tool to meet your specific needs, we invite you to talk with one of our workforce representatives. The measurable results our solutions produce have made Cross Country Healthcare the workforce solutions provider of choice nationwide.