Quality of care will never suffer with Interview Services from Cross Country Staffing.

Quality of care will never suffer with Interview Services from Cross Country Staffing. June 19, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

While there have been some reports that suggest temporary or contract workers are more likely to make mistakes or offer a lower quality of patient care than permanent staff, other studies have reached the opposite conclusion. These studies show that contract staffing is well-prepared and competent.

The best way to ensure that the travel nurses you work with are part of the latter category is to partner with a healthcare staffing partner that can provide a strong Interview Services (IVS) program. The experts who manage these programs will make sure your hospital has the qualified staff it needs to maintain the high level of care your patients deserve.

How do they do this? The IVS professionals at Cross Country Staffing (CCS) use a proven process that involves a number of successful techniques. Through behavioral interviewing, candidates are asked questions about past behaviors and are required to provide specific examples to highlight their skills and behaviors. This helps the interviewer assess how well the applicant would fit a certain job.

The IVS team also works with the client to develop an onboarding process designed to quickly bring new hires up to speed on the duties of their specific position, and to help them understand the policies and procedures necessary to maintain quality care. The team can handle credentialing, facilities clearance and orientations.

CCS provides tenured registered nurses who serve as clinical liaisons and IVS managers. They can work either onsite or remotely, but are always available to help when needed. These seasoned professionals will serve as an extension of your staff, lending their experience wherever it’s needed.

Your quality of care should never suffer, and it won’t with the Interview Services team from Cross Country Staffing.