Reduce staff turnover in your healthcare facility.

Reduce staff turnover in your healthcare facility.November 14, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Many factors are driving the looming shortage of qualified professionals in the healthcare industry, from increased demand for healthcare services to the aging of the baby boomer generation. While some of those forces are beyond your control, you can make an impact in one key area: reducing staff turnover.

Turnover costs your healthcare facility on multiple levels. When a nurse leaves, it costs thousands of dollars – and sometimes 10s of thousands – to replace him or her. Vacancies place stress on remaining staff, impact patient perception and care, and ultimately influence patient outcomes. Cross Country Staffing can help your healthcare facility avoid the negative impact of staff turnover.

We can assist you in:

Choose Cross Country Staffing as your Managed Services Provider and we will ensure new hires are properly credentialed and trained, are educated about your healthcare facility’s patient care philosophy, and are a good fit for your corporate culture. Most importantly, by maintaining staffing levels, your healthcare facility can avoid creating the kind of stressful, unfriendly and exhausting work environment that prompts healthcare professionals to leave the industry.

Ninety-three percent of RNs believe the nursing shortage will cause more nurses to leave the profession, according to a report in Nursing Economics. Learn how Cross Country Staffing can help you maintain staffing levels and reduce staff turnover.