Streamlining the Patient Feedback Process

Streamlining the Patient Feedback ProcessDecember 28, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

Maintaining high patient satisfaction HCAHPS scores for a healthcare organization will help ensure full reimbursement for services covered by Medicare. Overall, patient feedback plays an important role as healthcare facilities assess the perceived quality of their services. However, Cross Country Staffing notes that efficiently gathering feedback without being intrusive or irritating has eluded many providers.

Patient comment cards remain the most common method of obtaining feedback. But this manual process has several known drawbacks. Presenting a patient with a comment card during discharge can easily complicate the discharge planning guidance being provided by a nurse or case worker.

Many patients find that completing lengthy comment cards is frustrating, and may actually have a negative impact on satisfaction scores. Furthermore, if a nurse is managing the discharge, waiting for the comment card to be completed ultimately reduces the time she or he can spend with other patients at the bedside, having a negative effect on nurse satisfaction as well. In turn, facilities found a universally poor return rate when they tested to see whether patients completed comment cards from home after they had been discharged.

In response, a number of hospitals have initiated pilot programs using tablets instead of paper. The initial results, such as those reported at Auburn University Medical Center by Advance for Nurses in 2015, suggest electronic patient feedback produced positive results. Tablets can be given to patients shortly before they are discharged, and their input can be processed immediately through a central database. Therefore, if a patient has a very positive or negative comment, they can be asked about it before returning home, where any deficiencies can be corrected quickly and efficiently. In addition, numerous surveys have shown that consumers find tablets to be fun and easy to use.

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