Surveys Show Hospital Volumes Up, Clinician Shortages Continue

Surveys Show Hospital Volumes Up, Clinician Shortages ContinueNovember 16, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

Numerous studies report that hospital inpatient volumes in Q3 of this year are up modestly year-over-year, and outpatient visits have posted significant gains in most states. The is particularly true for ED visits, in spite of initial projections that the Affordable Care Act would generally reduce patient visits to emergency rooms. All this is good news in terms of hospital revenue streams; however, Cross Country Staffing advises healthcare leaders that the increasing shortage of nurses and allied healthcare professionals in particular, will have a negative impact on facilities that do not have a comprehensive, long-term staffing program to ensure their continued financial health.

Clinician fatigue presents a recognized risk to quality care and patient safety, and also results in unacceptable retention levels. HCAHPS scores for patient satisfaction can drop, affecting Medicare reimbursements, and staffing costs can soar due to a facility’s dependence on overtime, all at a time when margins are being reduced due to the advent of value-based reimbursement.

The cure for this conundrum is a partnership with Cross Country Staffing. We have developed a suite of workforce solutions that are proven to meet current healthcare professional staffing challenges, and provide the market intelligence and analytics that keep our partner facilities competitive long-term. Each can be customized to meet the unique needs of every client, and all are fully scalable to ensure measurable results for single and multi-facility providers, as well as IDNs. Our workforce solutions address not only clinical needs for nurses and allied healthcare, we can also provide a comprehensive program to help facilities in need of experienced healthcare IT contingency staff to manage complex EHR enhancements or system replacements.

In addition, Cross Country Staffing is the industry leader in managed services provider (MSP) programs. Our OneSource MSP has been implemented successfully for more than a decade. It combines multiple technology reporting options with sophisticated staffing support services that seamlessly work with in-house staff to manage uniform vendor cost controls, and produce consistently high fill-rates with qualified healthcare professionals.

Hundreds of healthcare facilities nationwide have partnered with Cross Country Staffing for long-term results. We invite you to learn more by contacting us today to talk with a Cross Country Staffing representative.