The importance of having a The Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing partner.

The importance of having a The Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing partner.September 30, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

Quality care and patient experience are paramount for your healthcare facility, and every member of your staff must meet or exceed the standards set by The Joint Commission. Working with a The Joint Commission certified staffing partner, like Cross Country Staffing, can help ensure your healthcare facility’s staff meets these standards.

Your staff’s adherence to best practices for common conditions – such as giving aspirin to a heart attack patient – directly affects your facility’s The Joint Commission ranking. The standards focus on the important functions that allow your organization to provide safe and high-quality care to patients. Healthcare professionals, providers, experts, consumers, government agencies and employers set the standards.

In a fast-paced, complex and high-stakes working environment, it’s important that all the moving pieces work cohesively. Cross Country Staffing is certified by The Joint Commission, ensuring that high-quality healthcare professionals are placed in your healthcare facility. Our extensive quality-management process guarantees that staff members comply with credentialing standards and that they meet all other The Joint Commission operating standards.

Instead of reactively filling positions when needed, our Managed Services Provider program helps your facility achieve sustainable and strategic staffing. Cross Country Staffing builds a relationship with your healthcare facility by meeting with unit or floor managers to develop a comprehensive plan. We’ll help you develop strategies to cover expected and unexpected staffing vacancies, create operational efficiencies and implement a more cost-effective talent-acquisition process – all while helping you meet The Joint Commission standards. A quality commitment with The Joint Commission and your staffing provider is essential to ensuring your staff is full of quality healthcare professionals.

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