The Key to Providing “Convenient” Consumer-Based Healthcare

The Key to Providing “Convenient” Consumer-Based HealthcareFebruary 26, 2016 by Vickie Anenberg

There is no denying that consumerism is now driving healthcare decisions and consumption. Potential patients are searching the Internet for healthcare “deals.” This does not necessarily mean looking for the lowest cost. On the contrary, healthcare has become a commodity for better or worse. And its consumers want convenience coupled with expedient treatment that also provides them with full disclosure of their problem(s) and what care needed to help them recover.

Numerous surveys and studies are available, indicating that healthcare facilities should adhere to using the latest communications techniques to keep patients informed. This has become the most important factor to build your facility’s “brand” and remain financially viable. However Cross Country Staffing notes that many of these surveys overlook or ignore the importance of having the right healthcare professionals in place to provide patient care at the right time. The best way to meet patient expectations.

Staffing costs account for the biggest slice of every healthcare facility’s annual budget. The reason is simple: you can’t provide quality care without qualified, dedicated staff. And with the continued shortage of nurses and allied healthcare professionals, providing high quality care can become an overwhelming challenge.

As always, personalized care trumps technology in terms of patient satisfaction scores. Providing this rather old fashioned type of healthcare does more than make patient care convenient, it makes healthcare comforting. And this comfort leads to a high level of patient trust; building critical awareness that your facility is your area’s best source of high quality healthcare.  

To achieve long-term patient trust and satisfaction, Cross Country Staffing has developed a suite of comprehensive workforce solutions, such as incorporating predictive analytics to accurately determine short-term needs, as well as other cost-effective, fully scalable programs proven manage even the most complex long-term staffing objectives.

We are inviting you to schedule a meeting with one of our professional staffing representatives to discuss your needs at your convenience. The measurable results our solutions provide on a consistent basis have made Cross Country Staffing the healthcare industry’s most respected provider of leading-edge technology backed, by a team of professionals who understand the importance of quality care and patient satisfaction.