Update: Hospitals and Social Media (Part 1)

Update: Hospitals and Social Media (Part 1)October 8, 2015 by Vickie Anenberg

Social media channels have become increasingly important tools for hospitals to communicate news and general information to their consumer bases. They are devoting a greater percentage of their communications resources to capitalize on the ability of social media to provide forums from which they can help to promote population health initiatives, post their own patient satisfaction scores, and position themselves as high quality care providers.

Cross Country Healthcare suggests hospital executives download the new survey, “A Healthy Dose of Social Media, 2015 Checkup,” that was conducted by Mindset Digital for the Ohio Hospital Association. In it, researchers provide a comprehensive review of the social media usage, preferences, and concerns of healthcare organizations that currently operate 83 hospitals throughout the state. The 2015 results are compared to those of a previous survey conducted in 2012 to track a number of interesting trends.

For example, over 50 percent of the respondents reported they are now committing 10 to 50 percent of their communications to social media, whereas the majority had targeted less than 10 percent in 2012. However, despite placing more importance on using social media channels, only 35 percent of the facilities have dedicated at least one full time employee to such projects, and 46 percent report that having sufficient time and staff to support social media campaigns is their greatest challenge.

Respondents were asked to rate which channels were their first or second priority in the current year. The top five are:

Increased funding for social media priorities varied somewhat in that blogging was replaced by Instagram in 2015, a channel that was not listed as an option in the 2012 survey. Both blogging and LinkedIn were considered to be significantly more important channels in 2015 than in the previous report, with Instagram ranked as a first or second priority by 31 percent of respondents.

Of note is that researchers found that social media efforts to promote employee development and hiring campaigns were implemented by only 12 percent of hospitals in 2015, which is 50 percent lower than in 2012. That can be attributed to such projects being far too complicated for successful in-house implementation using social media, and the reason hundreds of healthcare facilities rely on Cross Country Staffing to provide proven workforce solutions tailored to their unique needs.

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