With interview services managers, you won't run the risk of bad hires.

May 16, 2014 by Vickie Anenberg

The saying “No hire is better than a bad hire,” is especially true when it comes to healthcare – where the consequences of hiring mistakes can be especially severe. Therefore, a strong interview services team is necessary to make sure the best candidate is chosen to fill a given position. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations have not yet realized this and are paying the price as a result.

A survey conducted in December 2012 by CareerBuilder found that 79 percent of healthcare employers reported being adversely affected by a bad hire that year. What’s more, 39 percent of those businesses estimated the cost of a single bad hire to be over $25,000, and 22 percent estimated the cost at more than $50,000.

Given the turnover and the number of open positions healthcare organizations typically have, the risk that bad hires present should not be ignored; nor should the reward gained by hiring an experienced team of interview services (IVS) managers. Doing so will improve interview-to-hire ratios, and it will guarantee that a group of seasoned staffing experts will evaluate each candidate using a proven process to choose the best fit for each job. 

For example, the IVS team created by Cross Country Staffing (CCS) is comprised of registered nurses who are certified in behavioral interviewing. They offer clients a vital, hands-on knowledge base when it comes to screening and selecting candidates. While many healthcare facilities have human resources professionals who are fluent in the hiring process, many lack the tenured registered nurses who can add their years of on-the-job experience to that function.

Hiring an IVS management team allows a healthcare organization to allocate its resources in other directions and provides a third alternative to the no-hire or bad-hire choice – the right hire.