We're not like other staffing companies. We're so much better.

It's time to realize the true Cross Country Staffing advantage of flexible supplemental staffing.

The healthcare industry is more volatile than ever. Demands change on a quarter-by-quarter, month-by-month, even day-by-day basis. As a result, keeping staff ratios at an acceptable level to provide quality patient care becomes a formidable task. Successful patient outcomes can hinge on partnering with the right staffing company; one that is agile enough to adjust to your changing needs.

Cross Country Staffing has the resources and services to deliver highly qualified healthcare professionals for the duration that you need them. From daily shifts to assignments that last up to 26 weeks, we have the solutions to meet your changing needs. Our staffing services include:

To learn more about how each of these staffing services can benefit your organization and help to meet your planned and unplanned staffing needs, call 800-873-9182.