Workforce Solutions

The recognized quality leader in healthcare workforce solutions.

Cross Country Staffing sets a new paradigm in the field of healthcare staffing workforce solutions. We know that today your overall talent management strategy means working with a variety of flexible staffing and outsourcing partners. In order to have success, hospitals and other healthcare facilities need an integrated partner that understands the complexities for all facets of staffing. Working with us, you will find a proven partner that can advise you in every aspect of designing a staffing process that works... for you and your organization. We work to develop and deliver a strategic staffing plan that puts you in a more competitive standing.

Does the changing landscape of healthcare need you to re-think aspects of your staffing operational plan?
Is there sustainability in your current workforce solutions?
Is your staffing plan capable of delivering the cost-effectiveness your facility needs?
Do you need to streamline your supply-chain for staffing & talent acquisition?
Triple Aim of hospitals - Quality, Cost, and Outcomes - how we can help them meet & improve on these imperatives?

Cross Country Staffing can help you in every area listed above. We assist our healthcare facilities with one-on-one guidance and provide unique staffing plans. Our workforce solutions will give your organization an opportunity for savings by taking on many of the burdensome, time-consuming tasks that are currently handled by members of management. This will allow these contributive team members to focus on their core competencies and patient care.