MSP Calculator

Bringing Cross Country Staffing onboard as your Managed Services Provider can offer many benefits. We work to streamline processes, enhance credentialing management and verification processes, standardize your staffing orders and improve compliance tracking. By managing all of these steps in the supplemental staffing process, your organization will, in return, manage costs. To get a good idea of your cost savings, please complete the information below.

* Final numbers are an estimate of what you could possibly save depending on your organization's unique circumstances. Actual cost savings may vary.


How many candidates does your organization interview per year?
How many hours does your organization spend interviewing each candidate?
What is the hourly wage for your staff who conduct candidate interviews?

Orientation & Onboarding

How many candidates go through the orientation process at your facility?
How many hours does your orientation process take?
What is the bill rate for a typical employee during the orientation process?
What is your organizations typical cost for pre-employment testing per candidate?

Rate Reduction & Standardization

How many hours of temporary staff does your organization use per year?
What is your organizations average hourly bill rate for temporary staff services?
Assume a reduction in average hourly bill rate of:
Does your organization use a technology tool to manage the order distribution process for credentialing, on-boarding or education?

Back Office Savings

How many hours per week does your staff spend calling multiple vendors to order staff?
What is the hourly pay of your back office staff that places orders?
How many hours per week does your AP staff spend approving invoices?
What is the hourly pay of your AP staff that approves invoices?
How many hours per week does your staff spend analyzing utilization of temporary staff?
What is the hourly pay rate of a utilization analyst?
What percentage of approved invoice dollars are overpaid due to the complexity of multiple invoice formats?